Special Issue: Hindus and Others: A Sri Lankan Perspective - to be published shortly


Special Issue (Vol. 6  2018) Hindus and Others: A Sri Lankan Perspective co-edited by Mathieu Claveyrolas, Pierre-Yves Trouillet, Delon Madavan, and Anthony Goreau-Ponceaud, will be published shortly by the The South Asianist Journal. In addition to an Introduction, co-authored by Mathieu Claveyrolas, Anthony Goreau-Ponceaud, Delon Madavan, Eric Meyer, and Pierre-Yves Trouillet; articles include “Religious dynamics of Sri Lankan Hindu Tamils in Paris: Constructions of the self and the other” by Anthony Goreau Ponceaud; "The Goddess of the Tea Estates: Hindu Traditions and Community Boundaries in the Up-country of Sri Lanka" by Daniel Bass; "The Incorporation and Transformation of a ‘Hindu’ Goddess The Worship of Kannaki-Pattini in Sri Lanka” by Malathi de Alwis; “Tamil Hindus and others in the Montréal diaspora: ’Same but different’” by Mark Bradley; "Lighting incense and oil lamps during jum‘ah: Hindu-Sufi devotions in contemporary Northern Sri Lanka” by Merin Shobhana Xavier; and "Competitive Sharing: Sri Lankan Hindus and Up-country Tamil Religiosity at the Sri Pada Temple” by Premakumara de Silva. 

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