Focus and Scope

Broadly speaking, The South Asianist Journal is an interdisciplinary academic journal intended to spur critical debate on social, environmental, cultural, linguistic, religious, political and economic aspects of South Asia. At its core is the need to open research on and in South Asia to as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind, peer-reviewed articles and reviews will be complimented by a variety of experimental formats including exploratory essays we call 'tea-stallers', as well as a section dedicated to video vignettes that include interviews and documentaries that seek to reflect the energy of ethnographic work with the affinities of investigative journalism. Finally, The South Asianist Blog has been created to follow more week-to-week activities of fieldwork and is run by a dedicated Blog Editor and a team of regular contributors.

Journal Information & Policies

Please see our Journal Information & Policies page for details of the Journal's peer review process, Open Access policy and other journal information.