Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Crossing boundaries

3 1 2014

This regularly scheduled issue covers a very broad range of contemporary and historical topics and themes primarily focused on India, with contemporary ethnographic contributions on the Birhor, Pardhan Gond, Naga, and Bhil communities; archival and textual analyses on partition; Gandhi and sexuality; examinations of the 1857 uprising; and contemporary analyses covering rural to urban migration, identity cards, and public policies regarding Dalit, Muslim, and Adivasi communities. Contributions are from established academics, and postgraduate students, all undergoing a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. Cover photo by Edward Moon-Little

Table of Contents


The life of two Birhor brothers: a photo essay PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Edward Moon-Little
Tales of the tribes: Pardhan Gond adoption of new media PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Tara Douglas
The institutional construction of ethnicity: anthropology of the Nagas PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Debojyoti Das
Shifts in consumption patterns and materialism among the rural poor in Bangladesh PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Zarjina Tarana Khalil, Shafquat Kabir
The Victoria and Albert Museum Bombay: a study in aspiration, cooperation and enervation PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Alexander Foster
State and society reimagined: India’s novel Unique Identification Scheme as a state hi-tech fantasy PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Itay Noy
Of roots and rootlessness: music, partition and Ghatak PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Priyanka Shah
Gandhi and sexuality: in what ways and to what extent was Gandhi's life dominated by his views on sex and sexuality? PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Priyanka Bose
Can the memsahib speak? A re-examination of the tropes and stereotypes surrounding the Anglo-Indian female during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Grace Amelia Watts
To what extent was 1857 an example of colonial genocide? A study of colonial violence during the Indian Uprising of 1857-59 PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
James Evelegh

Exploratory Essays

Based on its constitutional and institutional set-up, could India be rightly conceived as a 'consociational' (power-sharing) democracy? PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Alastair Carr
A description of the diversity of kinship and marriage practices in South Asia with a focus on India. PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Sandy Moore
In light of the experience of the Bhils, what does it mean to be 'tribal'? PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Evgeniya Grinko


Empire, industry and class: the imperial nexus of jute, 1840-1940 - By Anthony Cox PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Camille Buat
Making peace with the earth: beyond resource, land and food wars - By Vandana Shiva PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Piyush Mathur

Special Submissions

Social science research and inclusive polices: a focus on Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims PDF (LOW) PDF (HIGH)
Suryakant Waghmore, Hugo Gorringe