Vol 2, No 1 (2013)

Social Movements and the Subaltern in Postcolonial South Asia

2 1 2013

This issue is guest edited by Kenta Funahashi (Kyoto University) and Shinya Ishizaka (Kyoto University/National Institutes for the Humanities, Japan) and draws on research presented at the Japan-Edinburgh Workshop “Social Movements and the Subaltern in Postcolonial South Asia” held jointly by the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh and the scheme of programs, “Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation” (JSPS, Japan) and “Contemporary India Area Studies (INDAS)” (NIHU, Japan) on the 17th, October 2012 at the University of Edinburgh.

Cover: Young boys out and about celebrating their leader on Ambedkar's birthday. Photo by Hugo Gorringe, April 2012

Table of Contents


Social movements and the subaltern in postcolonial South Asia PDF
Kenta Funahashi, Shinya Ishizaka


Re-evaluating the Chipko (Forest Protection) movement in India PDF
Shinya Ishizaka
Living as a ‘minority’: A case of Buddhist-Dalits in contemporary Uttar Pradesh PDF
Kenta Funahashi
From Untouchable to Dalit and beyond: New directions in South Indian Dalit politics PDF
Hugo Gorringe

Special Submissions

Interview with Gowthama Sannah, Propaganda Secretary of the VCK, Chennai, 26th September 2012 PDF
Hugo Gorringe