Vol 1, No 2 (2012)

Persons, Bodies and the State in South Asia

1 2 2012

In coordination with the South Asian Anthropologist's Group, The South Asianist has created this special conference issue featuring titles and abstracts of the presentations in the order in which they were delivered. The aim of this project is to provide a space that captures some of the unique qualities and cumulative learning that occurs during the unique workshop/conference event. SAAG 2012 was hosted jointly by Social Anthropology and the Centre for South Asian Studies from the 4th to the 6th, September 2012 in the Old Library, Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh. A relaxed and friendly event, SAAG aims to stimulate intellectual debate and dialogue on current research and emerging issues in the study of South Asia. Papers are pre-circulated to participants and the format for the panels is: paper presentation by discussant, author’s response and then open discussion.

Table of Contents


South Asian Anthropologist's Group (SAAG) 2012
2012 SAAG Organising Committee

Session 1: Subjectivities and Intervention

"What is strange is that we don't have more children coming to us": Child psychiatry and scholastic pressure in Kolkata
Stefan Ecks
Practical and ethical challenges in conducting research on Pakistani adolescent mental health
Sabahat Haqqani, Amna Khalid

Session 2: Bodies and Consumption

Skin tone and self/state identity in India: The North/South question
Hélène Kessous
The strī in modernity: Negotiating female consumer body projects in contemporary India
Anoop Bhogal
Buying modern: Muslim subjectivity, the West and patterns of religious consumption in Lahore, Pakistan
Ammara Maqsood

Session 3: Contentious Spaces

Endangered and empowered: Indians in the eyes of Civil Defence and Disaster Management
Zuzana Hrdlickova
The policy and the grassroots: Transparency and accountability activists working through class, gender and space in Delhi
Martin Webb

Session 4: Bodies in Protest

Going down in flames: Self-immolation in China, Tibet and India PDF
Martin A. Mills
The funeral of Asians or Muslims: Contestation over representation of community and perceptions about state during 2011 riots in Birmingham
Sufyan Abid
“We cannot be touched”: Body and voice in women’s protests in tea plantations
Supurna Banerjee

Session 5: ‘Civilizing’ Bodies

‘Our home in the mountains’: Schooling imaginations in Darjeeling, India
Adam Connelly
'Ego', morality and sophistication: The making of the Indian cosmopolitan person among urban youth in Kerala
David Sancho

Session 6: Negotiating Agential Bodies

Negotiating reproduction: Transforming familial relationships and reproductive agency of women in central Punjab, Pakistan
Feyza Bhatti
The socialisation of aged bodies: A case study of a state-managed care home in Goa
Deborah Menezes

Session 7: Bodies in Motion?

Journeys of the body: Labour networks and experiences of migration among Muslim craftsmen in North India
Thomas Ross Chambers
Enlightening lives? The production of silence and ‘success’ in a solar development programme
Stewart Allen

Session 8: Bodies in Transition?

Possession and (body) politics: The transformation of healing rituals in Sri Lanka
Eva Ambos
Research Cultures in Clinical Science in South Asia
Salla Sariola, Anuj Kapilashrami, Deapica Ravindran, Jeevan Sharma, Roger Jeffery