Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

Contestation and Recognition in South Asia

4 2 2016

This regularly scheduled issue, and ninth instalment since the journal's launch in October 2011, features articles covering a variety of themes in contemporary and historical South Asia, from community responses to land-grabbing in Nepal, and theoretical explorations of the political in asceticism among sadhus in India, to governance patterns among the Yimchunger Nagas in the Indo-Burmese borderlands, and patterns of urban violence in crowded Karachi, Pakistan. Broadly speaking, the main themes traversing this issue, presented by junior and senior scholars, encompass minority communities contesting dominant forces, resisting political subjugation, and vying for recognition. 

The cover image is of 700 year-old Khonoma village in Nagaland state, India; a village that successfully resisted British control in the southern Naga inhabited areas for nearly five decades, culminating in a truce in 1878. Image by Michael Heneise.

Table of Contents


Layered homogeneities: Madhusudan Dutt and the dilemma of early Bengali theatre PDF (615KB)
Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay
Rāmakṛṣṇa’s samādhi revisited PDF (617KB)
Narasingha Prosad Sil
‘We suffered the most’: Sikh refugee perspective on Partition PDF (508KB)
Shyamal Kataria
The political as a practice: the sadhus' art of self-fashioning PDF (873KB)
Yubraj Aryal
Criminal networks and governance: a study of Lyari Karachi PDF (506KB)
Sumrin Kalia
Social inequality in the civil service and a review of affirmative action in Nepal PDF (566KB)
Tek Bahadur Dong
Verrier Elwin as the presenter of the Tales of the Tribes films PDF (1MB)
Tara Purnima Douglas


The Newars of Sikkim: reinventing language, culture, and identity in the diaspora - By Bal Gopal Shrestha PDF (263KB)
Khushi Pradhan
Unsung melodies from margins - By Antony John Baptist PDF (202KB)
Michael T Balonek

Exploratory Essays

The 'avenging angel' and the 'nurturing mother': women and Hindu nationalism PDF (414KB)
Geetika Raman
Traditional governance in transition among the Yimchunger Nagas of Northeast India PDF (447KB)
Francis S Cheerangal
Reading continuities and change in vernacular architecture among the Hao Naga PDF (1MB)
Somingam Mawon