Vol 2, No 3 (2013)

Celebrating a Century of Indian Cinema: Passions, Pleasures & Perceptions

2 3 2013

Table of Contents


Celebrating a century of Indian cinema: passions, pleasures and perceptions PDF (low) PDF (high)
Piyush Roy


Fire and Rain, The Tramp and The Trickster: romance and the family in the early films of Raj Kapoor PDF (low) PDF (high)
Rachel Dwyer
Shakespeare-wallah: cultural negotiation of adaptation and appropriation PDF (low) PDF (high)
Souraj Dutta
The role of a song in a Hindi film PDF (low) PDF (high)
Rajiv Vijayakar
Of marriages and families: clothing the marriageable Tamil woman PDF (low) PDF (high)
Ranjani Krishnakumar
Cinema in the sculpting of the South Asian self: a textual reading PDF (low) PDF (high)
Amy Doffegnies


Santosh (happiness) going to the cinema PDF (low) PDF (high)
Catarina Mourão
'Stardust has always told facts, not gossip!' An interview with Nari Hira, founding editor of Stardust Magazine PDF (low) PDF (high)
Piyush Roy
Animating Indian production culture: an interview with animation filmmaker and educator Ram Mohan PDF (low) PDF (high)
Timothy G. Jones
Queen of humour: a candid interview with award winning writer and film maker Sai Paranjpye PDF (low) PDF (high)
Sridhar Rangayan, Saagar Gupta

Film Reviews

Introduction to Film Reviews PDF (low) PDF (high)
Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram
Maya Miriga (Odia, 1984): a mirage called life PDF (low) PDF (high)
Piyush Roy
Autumnal explorations of alterity: conjuring ghosts of Kashmir's forgotten and disappeared in 'Harud' PDF (low) PDF (high)
Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram
Ship of Theseus (English/Hindi, 2013): an odyssey within PDF (low) PDF (high)
Rajesh Naidu
The lost ethos of Uttam-Suchitra films: a ‘nostalgic’ review of some classic romances from the golden era of Bengali cinema PDF (low) PDF (high)
Pramila Panda