Unveiling the Lost Voices

  • Debapriti Sengupta The Sanskrit College and University


Interrogating Identities: Tribals in Bengali Short Stories published by the Centre of Excellence, Department of Odia, Visva-Bharati, Santinketan and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi and translated by Dr Saptarshi Mallick aims at unveiling the   lost and suppressed voices of the subaltern. The book has simultaneously worked as a guide that has stimulated scholars in to venturing deeper into the world of ‘the other’ and as a delightful read for book lovers covering all genres. The book admits that it is only a medium through which the subaltern is speaking and does not claim to be their messiah or savior. It moves methodically, showing us census and data and by looking at them we realize the immense poverty and poor standards of living in which the indigenous people reside. In spite of being a research project, it also appeals to our emotion. The narrative moves effortlessly and as a reader it can be affirmed that the translator has done a phenomenal job in translating and to certain extent trans-creating the subject matter.

In my review I have tried to emphasize how the book, with the help of textual examples, has facilitated to voice the unheard stories from the margin and acknowledge it as an insider.

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