Chipko and Beyond

A Book Review

  • Yogesh Upadhyay South Asian University
Keywords: chipko movement, social movement, peasant movement, environmentalism of the poor


Written in a chronological order, the book has various thematic overlaps. Embracing them, and placing the book in the larger contemporary political context, I offer a critical review of the book. In the first sub-section, I analyse the formation and deformation of the movement as presented in the middle and last chapters of the book. In the second sub-section, I explore the role of the state apparatuses as presented throughout the book. In the third sub-subsection, I explore the politics of 'outsiders' in framing the movement, which is, again, illustrated throughout the book. I conclude the review by offering the only lack and flaw that I could find in the magnificently grounded account of the Chipko Movement.


Pathak, S. The Chipko Movement: A People’s History. Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2020
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